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Unlocking Wealth in the Earth

Azura Investments - Your Global Mining Partner for Sustainable Returns!

Azura Investment

Azura Investment is an investment firm that specializes in mining and associated ventures. We leverage our expertise to maximize returns and drive sustainable growth. Our strategy is to become a global mining leader by securing, developing and operating a portfolio of high-quality and long-life resource assets, from which we will deliver leading shareholder returns.

Our team boasts decades of experience in all facets of mining, from resource exploration to asset development and operational excellence. We are driven by a relentless pursuit of strategic investments that maximize returns for our shareholders, while upholding the highest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

Our Values

Guided by our Values, we enable high performance and purposeful action.  


We are honest and ethical in all of our dealings.


We are committed to providing superior returns and value.


We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner.


We foster genuine partnerships and deliver on our commitments.


We prioritize environmental, social, and governance considerations in our operations.

Our Strategic Priorities

Azura’s focus is on becoming a global leader in mining through a multi-pronged approach

Gold Standard in Sustainability

We are committed to sustainable practices that manage our environmental impact and follow strict health and safety standards.

We follow best practices in sourcing, respect human rights, and avoid harmful practices.

We optimize our value chain by aligning with customer needs and using digital technologies.

Our financial plan is cost-effective and aligns with international standards.

Our Team

The Azura Investment Team is composed of individuals with vast experience in both technical and financial aspects. Our senior leadership team has a proven track record of managing globally significant investments at the highest level, creating value, and driving long-term growth.


Chef Executive Officer

Dr. Hassan Nabill, a distinguished leader in the mining industry, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Azura Investment. With a PhD in Mineral Resources and 28 years of experience in Canada and Africa, he’s a versatile leader who has held diverse roles in the mining industry, including Managing Director, Regional Exploration Director, Operations Manager, Country Manager, Senior Geologist, Mining Operations Chief, Exploration Manager, Public Relations Director and Research Scientist. Hassan is a seasoned leader in the mining sector with a versatile skill set and deep understanding of exploration, operations, management, and partnership. He brings a unique blend of knowledge and practical experience to drive the company’s success.